Yves Martial Tadissi and Reka Molnar

HDKI Ireland are delighted to host Yves Martial Tadissi and Rena Molnar

Train with two of the top young karateka in the world.

Yves Martial Tadissi, current world number 1 in Mens 67kg, comes to Dublin with Rena Molnar, top ten in Womens 50kg.

We are holding 5 sessions:

  1. Friday 12th May - 6.15pm - 7.15pm for children 5th Kyu and above in the Hombu Dojo Ranelagh
  2. Friday 12th May - 7.30pm - 9pm for Adults and over 14's All Grades in the Hombu Dojo Ranelagh
  3. Saturday 13th May - 10am - 11am for Beginners to Green belts (6th Kyu) in
  4. Saturday 13th May - 11am - 1pm for 5th Kyu and above Adults and Kids
  5. Saturday 13th May - 2pm - 4pm for 5th Kyu and above Adults and Kids



Sessions 1, 2 and 3    Kids €10 each
Sessions 4 and 5        Kids €15 each or €25 for both

Session 2                     Adults €15
Sessions 4 and 5        Adults €20 each or €30 for ALL THREE!

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